The Deliverer is a unique, compact handgun offering improved accuracy, reduced action point cost in V.A.T.S., and increased sneak attack damage. This makes it exceptionally effective for stealth-oriented players. Its design is reminiscent of classic spy pistols, enhancing its appeal. The weapon also benefits from the Gunslinger Perk, allowing for further enhancements in damage, range, and accuracy. Its customization options enable users to adapt it to various combat situations, solidifying its status as a favored choice for precision and efficiency.

Deliverer ID

The item ID for Deliverer is 000DC8E7

Deliverer Spawn Command

This is the spawn commands to give yourself or a player Deliverer in Fallout 4. Open up the console by pressing either ` (grave) or ~ (tilde), then type a command and press enter.

Copy the command below and paste it into your Fallout 4 game or server admin console to obtain.

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